mini Planet

mini Planet is a special Planet designed to give more people access to Planets by dividing a regular Planet into 10 smaller Planets.

Features of mini Planet

The mini Planet has a few distinct features compared to a regular Planet.

  1. mini Planets do not grant its holder the right to participate in HAVAH's governance.

  2. mini Planets are not required to be operated.

  3. mini Planet holders are entitled to HAVAH coin (HVH) rewards that are equivalent to a tenth of a regular Planet. However, a 10% operations fee will be deducted.

  4. Unlike regular Planets, mini Planets can be traded between users free of a lockup period.

※ Holder benefits for mPlanets may differ from those of regular Planets.

※ mPlanets are special Planets that are only available for purchase during specific times.

How to obtain rewards from mini Planets

Claiming HVH through an mPLANET is possible from the day after the Planet that serves as the source of the mPLANET's reward receives the reward (next term).

Therefore, you can claim HVH starting from +2 days (terms) after the day (term) you acquired the mPLANET.

Here, "term" refers to the time it takes for 43,200 blocks to be generated, which can exceed 24 hours.

※ Meet the mini Planet NFT!

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