HVH Supply

The total supply of HVH will converge to 10 billion coins, with approximately 4,768.33 million coins issued at the start of the service and approximately 5,231.66 million coins distributed as rewards for Planet operation contributions.

These two amounts combined make up the total supply. HVH is designed in such a way that as the number of HAVAH platform users increases, fees will increase.

When fees increase, they will be locked up in the Sustainable Fund, reducing the supply of HVH in circulation. Even without lockedup volumes due to reduced fees, the total supply will not exceed 10 billion coins.

Uses of HVH

HVH is used for various activities within the HAVAH ecosystem, including transaction fees, Planet purchases, and NFT purchases within the marketplace.

  1. Planet Purchases

HVH can be used to purchase Planets, which play a crucial role in the HAVAH ecosystem.

  1. Transaction Fees

HVH is used to pay transaction fees for all transactions within the HAVAH ecosystem.

The majority of these fees are moved to the Sustainable Fund and continually reduces the supply of HVH in circulation.

  1. NFT Purchases and Sales

HAVAH platform users can list and sell their NFTs in the marketplace.

NFTs listed in the marketplace can be purchased with HVH.

  1. Digital Rewards

HAVAH platform users have the opportunity to earn HVH as rewards for participating in DApps such as games.

Some DApps may require a small amount of HVH to be deposited or spent to be accessed.

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