Planet-related Questions

Q. What's the lock-up policy for Planets? A. Users will be able to sell Planets to each other once 5,000 Planets have been sold (including pre-sale units). The Planets acquired by staff and investors have a 3-year lock-up even if 5,000 Planets have been sold before then.

Q. Can you still receive coins even if you don't operate Planets? Am I still eligible for rewards even if I stop operating Planets? A. In order to receive the contribution rewards (HVH coins), you must operate your Planet at least 6 hours per day. However, if you purchase a Mini-Planet it will be operated automatically without the need to operate manually.

Q. How many Planets are available and how many can be purchased? A. There are a total of 50,000 Planets and 45,000 are available for purchase.

Q. What is a Company Planet? A. Company Planets are the minimum amount of Planets operated directly by the HAVAH team in order to maintain the HAVAH ecosystem. Most of the HVH generated from the Company Planets will go into the Ecosystem pool

Q. Do owning HAVAH coins give you a stake in governance? A. HVH coins themselves do not give you a stake in governance. However, Planet holders will be able to participate in the governance of the HAVAH ecosystem. As Planet holders, they will get HVH as contribution rewards and have their say in important decisions that govern the ecosystem.

Q. Can I operate multiple Planets at a time? A. Yes it's possible. The maximum amount of Planets that can be operated will depend on each user's technical infrastructure and environment.

Q. Is there any additional benefit to operating multiple Planets at a time? A. The amount of HVH coins you get as contribution reward will increase according to how many Planets you have. However other than the HVH coin there aren't any additional benefits.

Q. Can users trade Planets? A. Users will be able to trade Planets between themselves after 5,000 Planets have been sold (including pre-sale units).

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