The First Staking Service of HAVAH

As previously reported, in March 2024, the HAVAH Foundation started the HAVAH On-Chain Governance: Vote service. The first item on the agenda was "A proposal to initiate the HAVAH Content Fund." This plan sought to benefit holders of HVH while promoting a sustainable habitat. With over 99% of the votes in favor, the HAVAH Foundation launched the HAVAH START service in preparation for the HAVAH Content Fund's debut.

HAVAH On-chain Governance Vote: A proposal to initiate the HAVAH Content Fund

HAVAH START will occasionally organize campaigns to reward large tokens associated with newly onboarded HAVAH projects. HAVAH START allows ecosystem members to track campaign progress and receive prizes in the form of subscription points, which can then be swapped for campaign rewards. The longer and more frequently one subscribes, the larger the reward amount.

Explore the numerous projects that have joined the HAVAH ecosystem through HAVAH START memberships and get closer than anybody else.


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