Team and Partners-related Questions

Q. Can you tell me more about the HAVAH team? A. Currently, about 70 people from PARAMETA, 2bytes, and Web3 Solutions are participating in the HAVAH project. Web3 Solutions leads the overall project such as designing the token economy and bringing partners, PARAMETA is in charge of blockchain core technology, and 2bytes is in charge of marketing and game/content development.

Q. Can you tell me more about the project's backers and partnerships? A. We're talking to our partners about announcing the details of the partnership and will let you know soon.

Q. Do you have plans for collaboration with larger companies? Do you have plans to integrate IRL? A. HAVAH recently joined the NFT alliance GRID hosted by GroundX. We expect to be discussing many additional opportunities for partnerships with other companies within the GRID alliance including IRL.

Q. Which games did 2bytes members work on in the past? A. Producers at PentaPeak Studios under 2bytes come from many well-known Korean gaming companies including NC Soft, Nexon, Webzen, and Neople. The core development staff have worked on many well-known projects like Lost Ark, Uncharted Waters:Origin, Granado Espada, Seven Knights 2, and others.

Q. How do I contact HAVAH for partnership? A. Please email [email protected] for partnership enquiries.

Q. Do you have any plans to collaborate with other projects internationally? A. We're planning a variety of collaborations to keep with the "interchain" theme of our project.

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