When using the Kaikas wallet

"If you have a Mini Planet minted from Klaytn and holding it in your Kaikas wallet, here's how to move Mini Planet to HAVAH Chain"

HAVAH Mitter does not currently support the Kaikas wallet, so you need to add the Klaytn network to MetaMask supported by HAVAH Mitter, and read the private key of Kaikas and then connect it to Havameter.

  1. Extract the Kaikas wallet private key (1) Select your nickname in the upper left corner of the settings. (2) Select wallet key management at the bottom. (3) Select Export wallet key. (4) Copy the private key that appears after entering your password.

Be especially careful when managing wallet keys (private keys) as they can be stolen if leaked.

  1. Install MetaMask (1) Install MetaMask from Chrome Store.

  2. Add Klaytn network to MetaMask (1) Click the network selection item at the top. (2) Select Add Network. (3) Manually add the following items and save:

- Network name: Klaytn Mainnet
- New RPC URL: https://public-node-api.klaytnapi.com/v1/cypress
- Chain ID: 8217
- Currency Symbol: KLAY
- Block Explorer URL (optional): https://scope.klaytn.com
  1. Add the Kaikas wallet with the extracted private key to MetaMask (1) Select the profile in the upper right corner. (2) Select Import Account. (3) Select private key for type and paste the private key copied from 1-(4). (4) Press the Import button to finish.

You can now connect MetaMask to Havameter and transfer Mini Planet to the HAVAH Chain.

This was written as of the current date and may be subject to change based on policy changes from MetaMask and KAIKAS Wallet. For detailed instructions, please contact MetaMask and KAIKAS Wallet.

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