Community Questions

Q. Are there any benefits for OGs? A. HAVAH plans to honor those that help to foster the community as the project progresses. However we cannot disclose any specific plans at this time. Q. Are HAVAH staff available 1:1 for inquiries? A. Unfortunately the team isn't available for 1:1 interactions. However, please feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or questions in the community. You can do so in the Discord channel, or through one of our AMA broadcasts. We collect all your valuable feedback ensure that it's thoroughly reviewed.

Q. Do you have any plans to make HAVAH merchandise? A. There was some interest in merchandise goods during the AMA. We're reviewing the possibility positively.

Q. Is there a possibility the pre-sale availability and price will change? A. There are no plans to change the amount of Planets available for purchase in the pre-sale nor the price.

Q. Why are there 2 different ways to purchase Planets during the public sale (USDT and HVH)? A. Since there's no way for users to purchase HVH directly in the beginning, we'll allow purchases using USDT directly. Once there's enough HVH distributed for purchase we'll do a public sale with HVH.

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