Technical Questions

Q. What's mainnet for HAVAH? A. HAVAH has its own mainnet and we ultimately want to build a multi-side chain that connects with all other chains.

Q. What are the specs I need to operate Planets? A. The minimum specifications required to operate Planets are on (Windows 7, Mac OS 10.14, or Ubuntu 18.04)(Windows 10, Mac OS 11.144, or Ubuntu 20.04). Other than the OS versions mentioned, it is difficult to specify other PC requirements.

Q. Does HAVAH use the same Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) technology used for ICON? A. It is one of the uses of ICON's BTP technology.

Q. When can Planets purchased during the pre-sale and public sale be activated for operation? A. We're working on making all Planets available for operation starting from the (USDT) public sale period in Q4 of 2022Q1 of 2023.

Q. How much contribution reward will there be for each Planet? A. The amount of HAVAH coins you receive as contribution reward for operating Planets differ depending on how many Planets you are operating. You can check out the specific details about the amount here [LINK].

Q. Do you have plans to support hardware wallets? A. In the beginning stages of the service, we're going to focus mainly on improving HAVAH wallet and convenience for users.

Q. Can you trade NFTs from different chains? Also, will there be problems if I transfer the NFT back to the original chain? A. You can trade NFTs from other chains on HAVAH. As for transferring back to the original chain, the ownership of the NFT is verified before it gets transferred back to the original chain so there shouldn't be any inherent problems.

Q. What security measures does HAVAH employ to protect against hacking and DDoS attacks? A. HAVAH is set up as a relay chain that is naturally more secure than other setups. In addition to this, we're thinking of implementing two more features. First, we want to set up a system where you can retrieve your assets in the source chain even if there was a problem in the target chain. Second, we also want to monitor the transfer from chain to chain for any suspicious activity and track issues or temporarily suspending the service depending on the severity of the issue.

Q. When transferring NFTs, do I have to pay fees to the source chain? A. When you transfer NFTs between chains fees for the transfer of the NFT as well as the transaction fee applies from the source chain. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the fee policy of the source chain.

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