Tokenomics-related Questions

Q. Can the HAVAH staff control how much HVH is sold from the Sustainable Fund? A. No. The Sustainable Fund is not operated manually by the team but through a automated process. So the team can't sell HVH from the SF at will.

Q. How do I check the current status of the Sustainable Fund? A. You can check the current status of the Sustainable Fund through HAVAH Scan.

Q. What does the Sustainable Fund and Hoover Fund do? A. They act as systemic funds to stabilize the HAVAH tokenomics. Details will be included in the HAVAH DOCS later.

Q. Do you have plans to publically list HAVAH Coin on an exchange (DEX)? A. Like many projects, we're considering listing on CEX and DEX. Unfortunately we can't share any specific plans at this time.

Q. Do you have contingencies in case of drastic changes in HVH price? A. The Sustainable Fund and the Hoover Fund will systematically act as stabilizing mechanisms should market conditions change drastically and suddenly. Although the HAVAH team can't directly control the price of HVH, we promise to do everything at our disposal to maintain the value of HVH.

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