I want to connect Metamask, but it won't connect because another wallet is open.

If a wallet that supports the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) ecosystem is already installed, even if you select MetaMask, another EVM-compatible wallet that is installed may connected.

If you want to connect through MetaMask, please disable other EVM-compatible wallets in the Chrome extension and try again.

When i set the Source chain to Ethereum or Polygon network and try to bridge, it takes too long.

If the Source chain of the asset being bridged is Ethereum or Polygon network, a Finality step is required to confirm the transaction's success for a stable bridging to another chain. This process may take approximately 15 to 16 minutes.

You can check the final completed result on the Explorer.

I bridged the NFT with a wallet that supports the Aptos network, but i can't see the sent NFT in the wallet's NFT list.

After completing the bridging of the NFT to a wallet that supports the Aptos network, if you still can't see the NFT in your wallet, please check if the NFT is in the 'Pending' state in the wallet menu. Once approved, the NFT will be displayed in the NFT list.

If you want the NFT to be displayed immediately in the NFT list without any additional settings, please activate the 'Receiving NFTs' option before bridging.

I can't bridge the Bellygom NFT.

The Bellygom NFT on Klaytn has been migrated to the Polygon network, and the existing Bellygom NFT on Klaytn chain is now restricted from being transferred to other blockchains through bridging.

The migration service for the Bellygom NFT on Klaytn has also concluded, so if you wish to proceed with the migration, please contact the Bellygom NFT team for further inquiries.

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