How to Redeem (Terminate Subscription)

  • Users can terminate their subscriptions if the wallet connected to HAVAH START has a subscription quantity attached with it.

  • Users can choose the quantity they want to terminate straight from the subscription quantities.

  • Users evaluate the subscription termination information they provided.

  • When you click the Confirm button, the subscription termination transaction is sent.

Redemption Fee

  • If returned within 7 days of the final subscription, users will receive the remaining price less a 10% penalty.

  • The countdown for subscription time is dependent on the timestamp rather than block height.

    • All HAVAH Start fees are distributed in accordance with the initial HAVAH design, with Sustainable Fund receiving 80% and ECO receiving 20% respectively.

End of Reward Campaign

  • When a campaign ends, subscription quantities are not instantly restored.

  • Users must start the refund process for subscription quantity themselves.

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