Total Amount of HVH Issued

The amount of HVH issued at the start of the service will be approximately 4,768,333,333, and approximately 5,231,666,667 from Planets, bringing the total amount issued to 10 billion. Those who operate Planets in the HAVAH ecosystem will receive approximately 4.3 million HVH daily for the first year, then 30% less HVH in the following year.
HVH is designed in such a way that the amount in circulation will not exceed 10 billion in total even if the fee increases as the number of users of the HAVAH platform increases, the fee is locked-up in the Sustainable Fund, which increases circulation and reduces the fee.

HVH Circulation Management

HVH is designed to have long-term deflation.
Most of the fees generated on the HAVAH platform are transferred to the Sustainable Fund, which continuously reduces the circulation of HVH.
In addition, the volume issued through pre-minting is managed by implementing a strict lock-up policy.

Sustainable Management

HAVAH's economy system operates the Sustainable Fund and Hoover Fund efficiently.
Even when the market is stagnant, it is designed to increase the demand for HVH so that the system runs in stable cycles.
In the case of HVH in the ecosystem, we will focus on expanding the HAVAH ecosystem and investing in places where its value can grow to increase the number of uses of HVH.

Revenue Stream

Most of the revenue generated from the HAVAH platform will go into the Sustainable Fund which helps to decrease the circulation of HVH in the market. In particular, most HVH used to purchase Planets will go into the Sustainable Fund,so that every time someone purchases a Planet, it will decrease the amount of HVH that is in circulation. In other words, the more Planets are sold, it increases the value of the Planets, thereby motivating people to purchase Planets which in turn, increases the value of the HVH coin.
Additionally, most of the fees generated will also go into the Sustainable Fund. This design allows for the control of HVH in circulation on the market, the more people use the HAVAH platform and generate fees, which means that the rewards will go back to the HVH holders.
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