v2.2.3 Release Notes

Greetings from the HAVAH team. HAVAH Wallet v2.2.3 is now live. We’ve made some changes to make the HAVAH wallet more convenient.

[What's new]

  • Added a new unlock screen due to security policy updates.

  • Added an 'Advanced options' menu for customizing fees when sending assets.

    • If a transaction fails with an 'Out of step' error message, you can adjust the fee in the 'Advanced options' menu.

    • The actual fee may be lower than the customized fee.

  • Added a user guide that advises users to keep at least 1 HVH in user wallet when transferring the maximum amount of HVH.

  • Added the polygon ttUSDTp token image.

  • Inclusion of a wallet address book menu.

We will continue to listen to your feedback and make improvements. For the update history for HAVAH Wallet, please check out this link. For more news about HAVAH, subscribe to our Medium page! Thank you.

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